The Bull update September 2017

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The plans for the future of our pub have now been completed and have been posted to the CDC web site at They can be viewed under the following reference: CH/2017/1361/FA 

At the same time, since the temporary permission to use The Bull as a nursery has now expired, the owners have had to submit a further application for an extension to this temporary permission to allow these new plans, if granted, time to be implemented.

It is the view of our group that these plans are not only viable to secure the long-term future of both the pub and the nursery but offer the best chance of The Bull being reopened as a pub soon as possible.

It is very clear from the plans that the local owners, the Matthews family, have already invested a huge amount of money and effort into arriving at a solution to our campaign and their willingness to engage with the village from the very start of their ownership is proof of their ongoing commitment to our community.

Now it’s the turn of our community to demonstrate that we endorse these efforts by showing our support at this crucial stage.

We cannot stress enough the importance of such demonstration which can take two forms:

  • Firstly we urge you to write to or email ( the planning committee expressing your support. Such a show of support proved vital in persuading the appeal inspector to stipulate that the present building has, ultimately, to return to its former use as a public house because the residents amply demonstrated its importance as a community asset with an impressive number of messages of support.
  • The second way we can show our support is by attending the actual planning meeting when it takes place – probably around mid-October. We are assured that councillors greatly value such a show of support and we will be letting you know the date and time and offering transport for anyone wishing to join us.

Hopefully the end of the saga is in sight – let’s all hope it’s satisfactory.

The Save The Bull Group