Staying safe on country roads – cars, walkers, riders

59% of all fatalities occur on country roads. These roads often have sharp bends and blind bends which can hide unexpected hazards. Stay in control and give yourself time to react because you never know what’s around the corner. THINK! Brake before the bend, not on it. (From

At this time of year, daylight is at a premium! PLEASE be aware of how visible (or not) you are if you’re out and about on the roads – be it on horseback, on a bike or on foot. High visibility clothing, ideally with reflective strips, is a must especially at this time of year.


Also be aware of what time the sun goes down and don’t get caught out. The potential consequences of not being seen by a car on the road simply don’t bear thinking about – lets not have an accident with a preventable cause. Its YOUR responsibility to make sure you’re visible.

Specific information about horses on roads can be found here.